November 14th, 2011


The Return of the H.O.F. House-Clearing Auctions

It's been a while but we've started putting lots together again to try to make some room and make a few bucks.

Up for grabs art-wise are several Marvel character drawings (The Rhino, The Thing and Crystal), some Mad spot illustrations (inc.a Star Wars piece) and a Milk and Cheese sketch card. Save for the larger, detailed RHino piece, the art is starting very low, some at only $10.

Collectibles on the block include a Trendmasters 21" Iron Giant figure (loose), A Bowen/Graphitti Crypt Keeper statue, an Astro Boy ceramic bank, a lot of Tezuka super-deformed figures, some vintage Pogo figures, a copy of the recently-published Henry Kuttner hardcover pulp collection, and a copy of the Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus (retail $125, starting bid $40). Also a lot of Nintendo Pokemon games, a Gerry Anderson toy lot and some Batman Kurbicks. I think that's everything. Anyway, if you're curious or interested in looking, here's the link to the auctions.

Thanks for looking and for any bids any of you might toss our way.