November 26th, 2011


H.O.F. Recent PR Link-A-Rama

- USA Today article/interview for the release of Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad.

- Comic Attack review of M&C.

- The Daily Blam reviews Dark Horse Presents #6 w/our new Beasts of Burden story.

- Things From Another World interview covering Beasts of Burden, DHP and M&C, and where all that may be headed. Also, scroll down for a video imbed featuring a review of the M&C collection.

- Unwinnable interview about M&C, Beasts, NYCC, comic cons, the industry. I think I crack wise here and there in this one.

- Comic Booked interview re: M&C.

- I will be a (recorded) guest on the Fictional Frontiers radio show's November 28th broadcast, along with writer Ben McCool. For more information go here.

- Crave Online review of M&C.

- Comic Bastards review of M&C.

- Sharon the Librarian did not care for the M&C book at all but was very nice about it. Usually people online carpet bomb your very existence if they don't like something you did. I know I do. Some folks are rational, I guess.

- Shortest and most to the point M&C review courtesy of Multiversity Comics.

Hope these links work properly. Also hope folks are enjoying the M&C collection and the new Beasts story in DHP #6.

More to come, more news as well.