November 28th, 2011


New Round of H.O.F. Auctions

We have more stuff up on eBay - some of our own art, some comics-related books and collectibles and stuff.

Up for grabs, art-wise: A page from Milk and Cheese #4, a M&C sketch card, that Sandman pin-up I posted here fairly recently, pin-ups of The Red Skull and Agron (also stuff I posted here a while back), and two Mad illustrations.

Up for grabs, collectibles: An uncut sheet of 1975 Topps Marvel Heroes stickers, DC Direct Mxyzptlk statue (which I designed), DC Direct Bat-Mite statue, Tonner Supergirl doll, Bandai '63-version Godzilla from 1989.

Up for grabs, books: a nice copy of Toth: Black and White, the Bill Everett Fire and Water HC from Fantagraphics, and the Jack Kirby Heroes and Villains black magic edition, a paperback of Kirby pencil pin-ups inked by over 125 artists including Dan Clowes, Mike Allred, Walt Simonson, Frank Miller and even myself.

The auctions can be found here. Thanks, as always, for looking and for any bids that might come our way.