November 30th, 2011


Welcome to the House of Fun!

Glad I can finally talk openly about this:

Dark Horse Comics has just announced our plans to bring back several of my old characters for a run of stories in upcoming issues of Dark Horse Presents, including Milk and Cheese, The Murder Family and The Eltingville Club. Each 8-page segment will feature a Milk and Cheese strip along with another story or series of strips --  the first segment will be a Milk and Cheese strip and a Murder Family story, the second will include at least 4 pages of "Fun" gag strips, and the last will include a 6-page Eltingville comic. If all goes according to plan The Devil Puppet and Fisher Price Theater will appear, as well. Some of the Fun page returnees include Myron the Living Voodoo Doll, The Man Upstairs, The Shitty Witch and the Crappy Cat, and the Broken Robot.

Sarah will be coloring the entire mess, please think of her in your nightly prayers. She's working on the first batch of pages and I can already see her giving me the daggers eyes when she thinks I'm not looking. And sometimes when she knows perfectly well I'm looking.

So, basically what we're doing is an old-school issue of Dork, only in color and chopped into three parts for DHP. And without the actual Dork title. The new stuff is running with the umbrella title "House of Fun". Apologies to anyone who liked the old name, I feel a little weird dropping it because it's been around so long (1993 - 2006, I think). It's not a legal or business move or anything, I just really grew to dislike the name a number of years ago. Sarah and I thought this would be a good opportunity to shed it, so we did.

According to DHC's press release on their blog, the first batch of comics runs in Dark Horse Presents #10, scheduled for March.

You can read the full press release here. Hope this comes as welcome news for some of you folks. It's nice to be working on my own, old stuff again, and I hope I can do some more of this crap after the DHP run.