December 10th, 2011


CBLDF Signature Cards

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund held a fundraiser recently where folks could order personalized copies of books by 25 creators, most of whom are big-shot names in the world of comics (Spiegelman, Gaiman, Gibbons, Smith, Miller...). It raised a nice chunk of change and to my surprise a dozen people ordered copies of either Beasts of Burden or Milk and Cheese to show their support.

I decided to do sketches to go along with the signatures, and got a bit carried away on some of them. It's the Sammy Davis Jr. in me, I guess. Anyway, here's a few of them:

I doubt I'll be doing this sort of thing again, but it was actually a lot of fun to knock some drawings out fairly quickly, convention-style (although these days my con commissions take me a few hours). I liked the Santa Skull Golem enough to make it a finished panel. That was one of the last ones I did, by that time they were getting more involved. Still, they didn't take me that long, although I really should have been working on pages. I need to work like this more often when doing actual pages or commissions. I've tightened up so much these days it's crazy, and the work on the new House of Fun strips has proven once again I don't know a damned thing about reproduction or working for color. Anyway, that's a different post (or three). Back to the pages and commissions.