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Milk and Cheese/H.O.F. Art On E-Bay

As some of you know, we've been dealing with some house mishaps which have given our wallet a swift kick in the teeth, which has prompted us to part with some more art we are hoping to sell. This includes the cover art to Milk and Cheese #666, which I don't really want to sell, but, it's not like I don't have Milk and Cheese drawings in the house, and I still have two other covers. Three, if you count the mini-comic. And hey, four, if this one doesn't move. There's always a bright side.

You can find the auctions here. They also include the second Fun Strip page from Dork #2, the cover for the Punk Rock Holocaust 2 DVD (with an additional rough sketch), two Animal Man/Vertigo penciled tryout pages, a page of spot illos for Nickelodeon Magazine, and a small Georgina Riley Murder Family drawing. Starting bids range from $15 to a few hundred for the cover, all for the cause (hot water heater , washing machine repair, dehumidifier, Ibuprofin...).

Such is life. 

Tags: animal man, blah, dork, e-bay, it's only marked up paper, milk and cheese, the murder family

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