March 6th, 2012


Dark Horse Presents #10-12: What To Expect

Appreciate the comments regarding our dreaded deadline doom. We came in late but with enough time so that DHP #12 wasn't knocked off schedule. February was a rough month, I barely left the house, and my back and drawing hand are still pretty upset with me.

Anyway, the rotten fruit of our labor will be spilling out onto shelves starting later this month with Dark Horse Presents #10. That issue will feature a two-page Milk and Cheese strip and a six-page Murder Family story. I think the last time I did a Murder Family story, I honestly have no idea. Let me look it up...hold on...shit, where is that issue of Dork #9 --? Holy crap, 2001. Oy.

Dark Horse Presents #11 will have two one-page Milk and Cheese strips and six pages of Fun strips, five per page, down from the original seven per page owing to failing eyesight and malfunctioning fingers. The last extended burst of Fun strips was in the last issue of Dork, that being #11. Published in 2006.

Dark Horse Presents #12 will have a one-page Milk and Cheese strip and a seven-page Eltingville Club story. Eltingville last reared it's ugly head in Dork #10 in...2002. Gevalt.

Sarah colored everything and was nice enough not to poison me after dealing with a lot of detail and late pages.

Speaking of The Eltingville Club, several readers pointed out to me that March 3rd marked the ten-year anniversary of the debut of the failed Welcome to Eltingville pilot, which aired on the Adult Swim in 2002. Cripes. The pilot can be viewed here, where you can also read comments from folks kicking its corpse around, while others lament. Sorta fascinating.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone with a different storyline and punched the script up with more jokes. Also would've treated it less like a comic project and let other people handle more of the heavy lifting. Probably redesign the characters some, or let someone else work on the designs for animation, and I'd more than likely change a few other things made obvious by hindsight if I could stand to watch it again. I shouldn't be so hard on it, but I can't help it. I'm still glad for the opportunity and sometimes wonder what would've happened if it got picked up. Anyway, we made a cartoon, we did our best, it didn't work out.

Did I mention Eltingville returns in DHP #12? It's about a zombie crawl. I think it came out pretty okay. Thanks in advance to those of you planning on giving the DHP stuff a spin, hope you enjoy it.

Oh, before I forget -- R.I.P. Shelly Moldoff. I met the man at the Pittsburgh Con one year before World's Funnest was going to be published, which I guess makes that sometime in 2000. He had no idea I wrote the book he had just drawn two pages for, apparently his first work for DC Comics in thirty years. I didn't tell him because I saw no point in it and I was enjoying him giving me advice on how to negotiate the comics business even though at the time I was doing pretty well. he thought I was just breaking in, I mean, obviously he'd never heard of me, and I didn't expect him to have been aware of my stuff, but I was in my 30's and had been working steadily for over fifteen years, so it was funny to have him sit me down and give me a pep talk on the comics industry. He wished me luck, which I thought was adorable, and which I regret to say I could use these days. Anyway, thanks, Shelly. A sweet guy who made a lot of comics I enjoyed.

And he designed and co-created Bat-Mite -- how can I not love Shelly Moldoff? I hope he steps on Bob Kane's face on his way up to trade war stories with Jerry Robinson.