March 28th, 2012


More Stuff on eBay:

We have a new round of eBay auctions up and running, including original H.O.F. art (a Milk and Cheese pin-up, some Mad and Nickelodeon Magazine illustrations and the over-sized cover from the Guild: Zaboo one-shot). We're also offering up a Murder Family prototype zippo and a Milk and Cheese zippo (the second release, chrome finish, with the M&C #5 cover image) as we winnow down our holdings and find stuff we didn't know we still had.

Non-art listings include the Lain anime 4-DVD boxed set (along with a Lain doll), some 80's action figure lots (Thundercats, Robotech, G.I.Joe, Masters of the Universe), a few Barbie dolls and a vintage 1960's Emma Peel doll.

Auction listings are here. Thanks for looking.