April 3rd, 2012


Upcoming Appearances

Sarah and I will be appearing at the Asbury Park Comic Con, which will be held at the Asbury Lanes bowling alley/bar/concert venue in New Jersey on May 12th. Other creators who are scheduled to appear include Michael Kupperman, Jamal Igle and  Danny Hellman. They have a very nice website, which you can check out here, for more information. 

We will also be setting up once again at Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 22-24. This year's guests include Jaime Hernandez, Sergio Aragones, Mike Mignola, Dave Cooper and my partner on Beasts of Burden, the great Jill Thompson. They have a huge guest list which will continue to grow from now until the day of the event. The House of Fun will be part of the Indie Island area, the hip, happy, happening place for well-regarded cartoonists who unfortunately don't sell too many books. Ha ha, I kid because it's really...kind of...true. Anyway, if you haven't been yet, you should try to make it to your first Heroes Con. Heroes is a great, well-run, friendly, comics-only show and we're really looking forward to it, honest and for true. 

Other than (possibly) signing at the DHC booth at NYCC this is probably all of our convention appearances for the year. We've actually been invited to several other shows for the first time in ages, and while we appreciate being asked, our schedule and circumstances just wouldn't let us do much traveling this year. Maybe that will change in the near future.

In the meantime, hope to see some of you folks later this year.