April 11th, 2012


Batmilk and Cheesewing Commission

I'm finishing up a final group of commissions that I had hoped to get done last year, and this is is the first of that set, an 11" by 17" mash-up of Milk and Cheese and some of the DC Batman cast of characters. Holy moley, did this thing cramp my hand, mostly because of the logos and the broccoli "hair". That's what I get for tossing logos in. I initially wanted to design an Artichoke-styled Joker because it made for a much cleaner, er, joke ("The Artichoker") but it looked awful. So I went for the broccoli design and threw in some artichoke henchmen as an extra and added some other stuff and kind of overdid it. I tend to toss extra business into commissions, especially if they're late.

Anyway, I have to go color this fella (slowwwly) and then start a Bill and Ted and Milk and Cheese piece (which will have Death tossed in as a "mea culpa" for the lateness), a big M&C piece and two barter pieces I've owed folks for ages and feel terribly about. Hoping to catch-up by next week so I can get back to a script and a cover and maybe some new commissions in the near-future. Only no more big crazy ones for a while. Little ones. With no logos.