April 17th, 2012


April eBay Auctions Are Go

Hey, folks, once again, the House of Fun has put together another batch of auctions of art and stuff. The art this time around includes several sketch cards (Milk and Cheese, The Mole Man and Harmony from Hectic Planet), a one-page story from Pirate Corp$!/Hectic Planet #4, roughs/layouts for the Spy vs Spy Mad pin-up, a Mad illustration (and rough) of chocolate-based advertising characters, and a few re-listed items nobody bit at last time around.

The "stuff" includes a Milk and Cheese zippo, a Murder Family zippo (we're just about out of our extras as far as lighters go, I think we have one Murder Family prototype we're going to sell and the rest we want to/hope to keep), and a bevy of comics and cartoon 12" dolls, mostly DC stuff, as well as a Mattel Jessica Rabbit doll I bought Sarah many moons ago. From our Geek Bio-Dome to yours, perhaps.

Anyway, the auctions can be found here. As always with these things, thanks for looking, thanks for any bids you might toss our way. Always appreciated.