April 25th, 2012


Comic Strip Tees Website

A new site launched today called Comic Strip Tees -- as you might have guessed, they sell comics-oriented t-shirts.

They'll be offering t-shirt designs by various cartoonists, some of the designs are new, some will be based on existing material. The site also has comics and will have interviews and other business. The first designs are up and are by Roger Langridge, Mike Allred and Simon Fraser. Designs apparently will go out of print after a short time and will be replaced by others, new comics will continue to be posted every day (good luck with that, whew).

They'll be offering a t-shirt based on the "Cartoonist Goes to Hell" strip I did for the back page of Dork #8. I'll let folks know when the shirt's available and when/if we do any other designs.