May 7th, 2012


Asbury Park Comic Con This May 12th

This Saturday Sarah and I will be appearing at the first-ever Asbury Park Comic Con in Asbury Park, NJ.

The show will be at Asbury Lanes, a place, like Asbury Park itself, I've heard a lot about but have never been to. Asbury Lanes is a bowling alley that has been turned into a rock club and bar (although apparently some bowling still goes on there). Which of course sounds about a hundred times better than most places I've gone to to hawk comic books.

Other guests at the show include Michael Kupperman, Jamal Igle, Stephanie Buscema and Danny Hellman.

We'll be signing and I'll probably be sketching, although most likely I'll be doing quick freebies and not commissions. We'll have copies of the Milk and Cheese book, the Beasts of Burden collection (not too many, though), a batch of Dark Horse Presents issues (I'll probably sell them at less than cover), copies of The Goon #35, The Guild one-shot we did the cover for, a few copies of the Hellboy/Beasts crossover signed by Jill Thompson and I and some other odds and ends. Probably some copies of Action Girl. I assume I'll have some art for sale. We're also thinking of bringing some old merch we've dug up depending on how much time we have to pack stuff up (crazy-serious deadline this week), might bring a few sets of Milk and Cheese beer mugs. Might not. Glass, and all. Maybe the bartender would fill 'em with beer if you buy them. I dunno. Probably not.

Anyway, sounds like a fun comic book thing. If it stinks you can get stinking drunk and give up on comics forever, which sounds like a decent idea sometimes, doesn't it?

More information on the show can be found here.

Perhaps we will see some you there.