May 14th, 2012



We had a great time at the Asbury Park con. Sold a bunch of books, got rid of the last of our Milk and Cheese mugs, drew for kids, drew in people's books, all while they played old punk rock and new wave at Asbury Lanes. Would definitely go again.

Thanks to the folks who stopped by the table and kept me busy the entire day, thanks to the folks who picked up something, special thanks to Chris for the Mr. Blue statue. 

Also thanks to Cliff Galbraith for the invite, and dinner afterward. Nice seeing him again, meeting his wife, talking comics, Jack Kirby, etc. Nice to see Jamal Igle, always great seeing Stephanie Buscema and Rob Harrigan. Emily chose to hang out with them all day and ignore her poor old dad. Sob. Anyway, nice time, easy drive, good business, good people. Good time.

Emily came down with a cold/fever afterward, unfortunately.

Then I got it. Getting a lot of reading done (Twin Spica vol 2-4, Saturn Apartments vol 4, some Spider pulp nonsense, the Roger Langridge collection from Boom, etc) and playing some video games on the couch with Em. She kicks my ass at Godzilla: Unleashed. We don't fight one another, we just destroy cities. Our monsters are friends.

Finished up a 3-page Mad illustration job last week, in case anyone's wondering what we've been up to recently. Starting a cover when I'm back up and running, and getting back to a script. And some other stuff. Hectic month.

Over and out.