May 16th, 2012


Odds and Ends for May 16th

The "Cartoonist Goes to Hell" comic I did for Dork #8 is available for a limited time as a t-shirt from Comic Strip Tees.

Here's a short interview with me about Dark Horse Presents, Beasts of Burden and the House of Fun material at ComicBook.Com.

Speaking of Dark Horse Presents, issue #12 ships on May 23rd, with a 1-page Milk and Cheese strip and a seven-page Eltingville Club full-color zombie crawl story. You can see a CBR preview of the issue here, but my stuff's not there. NSFW reasons, I think. A little too much cursity-curse-curse action. F-Bombs, S-Missiles, that sorta thing. But, hey,the return of Mister X, the return of Nexus, and the return of The Eltingville Club, as well as Finder and a lot of other stuff. Go look, why don't you?

And, speaking of Beasts of Burden, Jill Thompson and I apparently won an award in Norway for the translated version of the series being that's being serialized over there (under the title "Dog Guards").

All for now.