May 22nd, 2012


The Return of the Living Eltingville Club in Dark Horse Presents #12

Dark Horse Presents #12 ships tomorrow (actually, I guess it already shipped, Diamond ships them thar funnybooks to retailers on Tuesdays now, don't they?). The House of Fun ends a three-issue run with a new Milk and Cheese one-pager and the return of The Eltingville Club in a 7-page story taking place at zombie crawl. I think this is the first Eltingville Club story in...gah...ten years. And the first extended story in color. Alert the neighbors!

There haven't been any preview pages of the DHP #12 H.O.F. material up on CBR or anywhere, I'm thinking it's most likely due to the foul language employed by the boys, so I thought I'd share the title page with folks, which is peachy-clean for everyone to enjoy. Unless some someone doesn't enjoy cartoon people in corpse paint lurching around with pig's intestines glued to their t-shirt.

DHP #12 will also feature the return of old-school indy comics icons Mr. X (by Dean Motter) and Nexus (Mike Baron and Steve Rude), along with more episodes of Finder (Carla Speed McNeil), The Black Beetle (Francesco Francavilla), Criminal Macabre (Steve Niles and Chris Mitten), The Creep (John Arcudi and Jonathon Case) as well as the debut of a new Aliens arc (with art by Sam Kieth (!)) and other stuff you might enjoy.

Here's a link to that CBR preview mentioned before.

If you're thinking of picking up DHP just for my stuff I appreciate it, but if you're cash-strapped please keep in mind there will eventually be a H.O.F. one-shot with the DHP material in it (similar to the upcoming Beasts of Burden one-shot). That being said, this looks like a really fun issue. 80 pages, color, no ads, $8 - a buck for every 10 pages of material, less than what folks ask for with a 20-page $4 comic.

End of spiel.

New spiel! We have some art up on eBay starting today, including two sketch cards (Milk and Cheese and the recently posted Abomination), a Mad illustration, two Nickelodeon Magazine gag panels, a piece from the second Dork collection, a T.A.N.C. piece from the first Hectic Planet collection and 24 pages of thumbnail layouts for The Thing mini-series I wrote (and did a lot of thumbnails for), Night Falls on Yancy Street. Also, we're offering up the last of the Murder Family Zippo lighter prototypes we had on hand.

Guess that's it. As always, thanks for your time and attention. I hope folks who check out the Eltingville story enjoy it. I think it's got some funny stuff in it and I actually had a lot of fun drawing it, despite deadline anxiety and not having time to actually script it. I haven't worked off notes and thumbnails in a looong time, improvising on the page and rewriting as the art progressed. That's how I used to work. Hopefully it worked.

Speaking of work, I gotta get back to work. Drawing some of my characters tonight for a cover. So far, so good.

Latersville, kids.