May 29th, 2012


Predator: Bad Blood Statue

Sideshow Collectibles is selling a Predator statue that's apparently based on a character from a comic Derek Thompson and I worked on a ways back called Predator: Bad Blood, published by Dark Horse Comics. Which is pretty crazy to see, as Predator: Bad Blood isn't one of my gigs that pings back to me...ever.

I stumbled across the listing on a German site because it mentioned Derek and I and the comic series. Which I thought was pretty cool of them to do. Looking for information on the statue, Sarah dug up what appears to be a bit of a kerfuffle in Predator statue circles (!), the statue was an expensive, limited-edition, numbered  -- and unlicensed -- kit made by a guy who does that sort of thing as a hobby or side-job, whatever the case he does this for money and people cough up quite a bit to own one of his kits ($400 per, apparently). Some Predator statue enthusiasts are upset because, if we have it right, he re-issued the "limited" kit and now the built-and-painted statue is coming out, licensed, from Sideshow (and cheaper, to boot). I could care less in some ways about their problems, making and buying unlicensed resin kits and the like is dealing in bootlegged stuff, even if the bootleg is a handsome and professional-looking job. Crying that your bootleg kit is a rip-off is a weird position to be in, y'know? "Hey, my expensive pirated copy of The Avengers is grainy!". What are you gonna do, it's a crazy world, you can't trust anyone. I can understand a customer being upset, but, hey, you're dealing with a guy who's making unlicensed statues, he just might also not play kosher with how many unlicensed editions he produces. It's the murky world of bootleg kits, baby. It's Chinatown.

Anyway, my niggling little stake in this Eltingville-like tawdriness is that the original sculptor/bootlegger pushed the idea that the character concept (rogue Predator that preys on his own kind -- hardly anything super-original by my own admission, and apparently used several times after Derek and I did it according to this post) was his idea, and Sideshow isn't mentioning the comic from what I can see. A number of sites have written up our work on Predator: Bad Blood as the inspiration for the statue, perhaps that's trickling down or copied from the German site, I dunno. What's funny is that the "Bad Blood" logo was used on the original kit, which is a bit of a tip-off. Not that folks follow comics, or anyone cares. But it would have been nice to toss us a tiny credit somewhere on the box beneath the important credits.

There's no money involved or anything, I'm not yelping, this has nothing to do with me from that end of things, it's another licensed product from a licensed property based on material owned by Fox. Some acknowledgement of Derek's original design and my ideas might be nice, but I can't get worked up over it. I do think taking credit for stuff you didn't come up with is crappy, though.

Predator: Bad Blood is collected in Predator Omnibus vol. 3 from DHC, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Fun Fact: I've worked on two Predator mini-series. I've had a weird career. Think I'm gonna fire my manager someday.