May 31st, 2012


Gearing Up For Heroes Con

Heroes Con is less than a month away and, for once, we're trying to get a jump on preparing the show. We had the car repaired and we're raring to go (and hopefully make the money back we shelled out for the car repairs-- ouch).

Right now we have most of our stock on hand, or on order. If all goes according to plan we'll be taking 10 copies of the Beasts of Burden collection, close to 30 copies of the now out-of-print Milk and Cheese collection, a batch of Dark Horse Presents issues, and whatever we can dig up from the old SLG days, including some Action Girl Comics and a few single copies of this and that (we're pretty much out of everything from the SLG days, no Dork or Hectic Planet trades, and we're out of Dork single issues as far as I can tell). We'll be selling the DHP copies cheaper than cover, and everyone who picks up a copy of Beasts or M&C gets a drawing in their books, probably gussied up with colored pencils. 

Also, courtesy of the folks at Oni Press we'll have a generous supply of the Yo Gabba Gabba! Free Comic Book Day giveaway, which we'll be giving away, so bring the kids by. Or pick a copy up for yourself. It's FREE. FREE!

We'll also have art for sale (not FREE), I might be bringing some Milk and Cheese originals along with a superhero pin-up or two and whatever hasn't sold out of the portfolio since last year's show. I'm hoping to bring a batch of cheaper pieces along (roughs, layouts, small drawings and the like), people seemed to like those when we had them at MOCCA a few years back, I just never have time to price that stuff before a show, and truth to tell, those pieces do a lot better for us when we put them on eBay. But setting auctions up takes time and we have a lot of paper sitting around, so, we'll see how that goes.

I'm leaning towards doing commissions at the show, depending on how my hand's doing. Been having a lot of trouble with it, lately, the Mad job and the House of Fun cover gave my tendons a workout they didn't enjoy and then I did some semi-heavy lifting that didn't help any.

I'm also hoping to bring a new piece for the Heroes art auction, if I can't manage it I'll bring something I've already done.

Other than that, we're scrounging around for extra merchandise to bring, I think we have one or two Milk and Cheese mug sets left for sale, we'll see what else turns up as we go through what's left of the ever-diminishing HOF stash.

I don't think I'm doing any panels or anything like that, which means I'll be planted at the table most of the time, hoping to have something to do. It's sure to be a terrific con, Heroes is a great show and it's their event's 30th Anniversary and the guest list is pretty damned impressive. Something for everyone, pretty much. Hope we see some of you folks there.