July 22nd, 2012


Incoming: Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch

This one-shot will be available August 1st at comic book and on-line shops that carry it. It should also be available digitally from DHC, eventually, but I don't have a date on that. So give a comic shop a few bucks if you're up for it:

Neighborhood Watch cover

If you have the three Dark Horse Presents stories (thank you), then you already have this and don't need to give anybody any more money. If you don't have the DHP issues, well, then you might want this. The three 8-page stories are all self-contained, focusing on some odd jobs around Burden Hill that aren't exactly life-threatening but are still interesting and entertaining (we hope). There's also some back story on the Wise Dog Society (some life-threatening stuff there, actually, courtesy of a Basilisk). A few ongoing plot points are touched on along the way, and there are a few new developments that, uh...develop. New readers and the curious will be able to follow the stories without knowing anything other than "Dogs and Cats vs Occult Evil in a small town".

24 pages, $3.50. Which isn't cheap, but still is a lovely price, if you ask me, for scores of wonderful Jill Thompson watercolor paintings that also have stories to go along with them.