September 10th, 2012


House of Fun One Shot

HOF cover

This is the cover for the House of Fun one-shot coming out in December from Dark Horse Comics. Sarah did the colors and assembled it on the computer, I did the pencil and inky stuff.

House of Fun will collect the material that ran in Dark Horse Presents #10-12, which was a bunch of Milk and Cheese pages, a 7-page Eltingville Club story, a 6-page Murder Family story and six pages of four-panel Fun strips. There's also a new back cover, a new inside front cover, we added a page of Fun strips that originally appeared here on the blog, tossed in a black and white Fun page I did a few years back for a humor anthology called Dose, and cobbled together a page of scribbles and sketches for what would have been the cover of Dork #12.

Which is pretty much what this is.

All in color (save one page) for 35 dimes.

Thanks for looking. Over and out.