September 14th, 2012


More Of Them HOF Auctions

We have some more original art pieces up on the chopping block: a Milk and Cheese sketch card, a Triton (from The Inhumans) sketch card, a Bill and Ted's Excellent Comic Book page (with Death), a Hellboy: Weird Tales page (black metal band and Roger the Homunculus), a Frightful Four pin-up (original line-up, yo), a batch of Welcome to Eltingville production sketches (the club as D&D characters), and a batch of Yo Gabba Gabba! monster sketches (from the "Sprinkle and the Bake Off" Story Time segment).

You can see the auctions here. They started a few days ago, but I kept forgetting to blog about them. Brilliant, I know.

As always with these things, thanks for looking, thanks for any bids anyone might throw our way, thanks for still reading this blog, etc.