September 22nd, 2012


This Is..."In The News"

We've been working on a job for a while now that's kept us pretty occupied. If you're wondering what we're up to these days, that's it.


A reminder that we're doing the Asbury Con next week. And that The House of Fun one-shot is scheduled for December.


I did some interviews recently for Back Issue (regarding the Bill and Ted comic, I'm officially a nostalgia act now), and for an issue of Creator-Owned Heroes. I fear that one because I don't think I said anything coherent or useful towards the notion of "creator-owned" anything. Or anything, for that matter. Another rambler. I think I did okay with the Bill and Ted interview. I might have even stayed on topic. I guess I need to do interviews on one specific topic. Right before dinner. So I keep to the subject. Because I like dinner.

A recent issue of Back Issue included some comments by me about working on the Space Ghost Coast to Coast show (see, "Nostalgia Acts, Vaudeville", above). They ran the picture of me that's on my Wikipedia page. Which I despise. Yes, I know that will push several of you to go look at the stupid picture. Life is crazy like that.

We did a three-page job for Mad that was a lot of work but mostly enjoyable. For me, at least. I didn't have to color it. I really like working for Mad, have I ever mentioned that? It's true.

It looks like I'll be drawing a short strip Sarah and I wrote for Bongo. Sarah will color it. A four-page strip I wrote is due out in the next month or two, I'm really looking forward to seeing it. More on that when I'm not too lazy to look things up. Also, it turns out a four-page strip I wrote turned up in Bongo's SDCC exclusive (it was originally done for an Olympics tie-in that was available in the U.K. and Australia, or something like that). I had no idea until I got the comps.

Might do a CD cover for a band. Might not. Scheduling will tell.

I finished a script that I ended up co-writing with Sarah. It needs cutting down for reasons that don't have a lot to do with the actual script. I don't mind revisions but I'm sorry to have to wrestle with this one some more because it was tough to write and I'm nervous about a re-match. It'll get done, but I'm stressing over it. Which is silly, I know, but I'm a silly person with silly person problems.

Two other scripts are giving me trouble. Too many ideas, not enough brains. They'll get done. Everything will get done, right?

Actually, there's a project I'm involved with that's moving like senile molasses and it's driving me bugnuts. 

Conference calls may be in our future. Nothing to get excited about. Still, they make me nervous (See "People, Silly", above).

Not sure if I'll be at NYCC or not. Might have a signing. Nothing definite.

I got my copies of the French and Italian versions of the Beasts of Burden collection. It's really interesting, to me, at least, to see the re-designed elements, the size and format changes, etc, the different publishers choose to go with. The French edition has a dust jacket and is as tall as the American edition, but not as wide. The front cover design was changed a bit, the title font is different (it looks really nice). The Italian version is smaller and in paperback. The Spanish edition has some differences, as well. Everyone used different quotes for the back cover, the French edition ran photos of Jill and I (I sent them a photo where my face is blocked, because I'm unhappy with the way I look in most photographs. See, "Stupid Pictures, Wikipedia", above, as well as "People, Silly").

And that's this edition of, "In The News". I'm Christopher Glenn.