September 23rd, 2012


Our Stuff Can Be Your Stuff

After a long hiatus we're trying once again to go through our stuff in order to donate, recycle, toss or sell some things we've picked up along our merry way and don't want anymore. Or, don't want but are still going to try to sell it, anyway. Towards that end, we have some collectibles and comics and odds and ends from our coffers up on eBay, including the very cool, I'm-not-sure-I-really-wanna-sell-it Japanese Charles Burns capsule toy figures that came out a while back (The Woodring capsule toys get sold over my tired, dead, broke body, though. So if you ever see us selling those on e-Bay, please alert The Comics Reporter and come to my funeral).

Also along for the ride: a pair of new, unopened DC Archives, a bunch of Medicom Planet of the Apes Kubricks, a couple of obscure Mego dolls (some crazy cave girl and Leela from the, "This is America, who cares?" days of Dr. Who) , some weird space dolls that I think are part of the Jane West line (not my field of geekdom), an X-Plus Ray Harryhausen Griffin figure, and some other stuff I'm forgetting about and am too lazy to check on. Oh, there's also a kid's Hello Kitty sewing machine that Emily outgrew.   

If you want to check the auctions out the link is here.