October 26th, 2012


Halloween: What Are You Watching?

I'm still watching horror movies on Netflix whenever I can find some time and the little girl isn't around. Mostly finding junk when I try something from the last two decades, though. I guess with a boom in production and technology allowing anyone with a camera and a computer to make a direct-to-video you have to expect a lot of garbage. There have been one or two movies I couldn't even finish, or I forwarded through, they were so bad. That's never been the case in the past, I'm an OCD baby and I like to finish what I start. But when you're on a road that becomes increasingly covered in shit, you have to turn back at some point. Or something like that.

A lot of films people seem to like hasn't really been doing it for me (Dead Snow, Insidious, Slither, Rare Exports). I can't even remember some of the movies the next day. I watched something the other night and can't remember it (I looked it up, I watched Midnight Movie in two shifts and Land of the Dead just the other day and already forgot them. Banality or Senility?).

We're limited to Netflix and our DVD collection, and we're saving a few to watch together if we ever can both watch something together (Let the Right One In, Troll Hunter, etc). I've been enjoying 70's stuff more than I expected to, even the clunkier/stupider ones are at least straightforward and aren't winking at the audience every few minutes. And I still really love the black and white stuff, even the garbage. But anyway, it's Halloween, and we never really talk anymore, so I was wondering if anyone wants to share what they've been picking out and trying on for the holiday season. New stuff, old favorites? Searching for gold, rough gems or just junk? I watched Troll and it was even worse than I expected. Kinda dying to see the infamous Troll 2. Anyway...

In a nutshell: What have you been watching for Halloween, and what are you planning to watch?