November 3rd, 2012



Our power came on a few hours ago, pretty much while we were considering our evacuation plans. The cold just got to be too much, most of our neighbors went elsewhere and we were going to do the same after the house temperature dropped drastically. Hopefully  the power will be staying on, it flickered back on the other night but conked after twenty minutes. A lot of trees came down in our area and even some power lines were broken off by the storm. And this area wasn't even badly affected compared to most of the borough.

We're doing okay, thanks very much to everyone who wrote or sent us a note on Twitter. We went to a friend's house yesterday to warm up and recharge the dumb phone and send out some e-mails to let friends and family know we were okay. We saw video of the damage on Staten Island and elsewhere and it was terrible. A friend of a friend checked on us yesterday, he lost an elderly family member. It's unreal. I grew up in one of the evacuation areas that was hit hard and I knew it was going to be bad over there, that area used to get water damage in bad rains, let alone a hurricane storm surge. It was worse than I ever imagined. Ships washed ashore, cars tossed around, houses and people swept away. I've never seen anything like it in all my life here. Just awful.

I hope everyone out there is doing well and things are getting back to some kind of "normal" if you've been affected by the storm. Again, I appreciate the letters and contact from friends and readers, thanks for keeping us and others in the area in your thoughts. I'll try to get back to everyone as soon as I can, if you don't hear from me, please don't take it personally, we have a lot to do to catch up and things are a little crazy. I can only imagine how it's going for folks who had a worse time of it and are facing serious hardship and loss in the aftermath.

Take care, everyone. Be safe.