December 13th, 2012


Comic Book Jones' 5th Anniversary This Weekend

Forgot to post about this, unless I did and forgot, which is just as scatterbrained. 

I'll be signing at Comic Book Jones on Saturday as part of their 5th Anniversary celebration. The event kicks off tomorrow with a signing  featuring Ben McCool, Frank Tieri and Lauren Monardo. I'm signing on Saturday with a bunch of folks. Copies of House of Fun and Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch will be on hand, probably along with a bunch of other stuff I worked on that the guys at the store can't get rid of. There's a 25% off sale on both days (Sunday, as well) so you can get your stuff signed and sketched on for less than cover price. That's nice. I'm bringing some Beasts of Burden promo cards to hand out, as well. Whee!

There's also going to be a party Saturday evening at a bar here on Staten Island to celebrate the anniversary. 

Information on the events and the store can be found here

Perhaps we'll see some of you at the shop, at the bar, in the drunk tank the following morning.