January 2nd, 2013


Fundraiser/Art Auction for California Comics Retailer/Shop

The color Milk and Cheese pin-up I posted here recently is on eBay as part of a fundraiser organized by Bongo's Bill Morrison for Bob Ficara, a California comics retailer going through a financial crisis post-stroke/health issues/family lay-off. The funds are being raised to try to save his shop (Metro Entertainment, in Santa Barbera) and get him back on his feet again. 

You can see the Milk and Cheese art auction here. There's also some signed stuff of mine on the bloc here. And more art is due to be listed by folks like Bruce Timm, Eric Powell, Jim Woodring, Herb Trimpe, Geof Darrow, Humberto Ramos, Neal Adams, Paul Smith and Dave Gibbons, among others.
More information on the effort, situation, those involved, etc, can be found here

Thanks for your time and attention, thanks for any bids any of you might make for the cause.