March 1st, 2013


Hi, Hello, Hi!

We've been pretty busy lately, and I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed, so if anyone was wondering, that's why things have been slow around here (slower?) lately.

For one thing, we've been kind of working in the animation industry again, doing some more WFH stuff that will likely never be seen by anyone outside the company, as well as doing some stuff that is actually supposed to be seen by the general public at some point down the line. Nothing huge in the scheme of the entertainment industry, but a few pretty nifty gigs, with a small possibility of further work in the future if anything moves forward. We shall see.

Speaking of the entertainment industry, if you haven't heard, there's been a development in the Beasts of Burden film project situation. A director has been hired, according to the internet and various industry-tracking sites. The director is Shane Acker, who made an animated film called 9, which I haven't seen. On paper he seems to be a decent fit for the project. Who knows? Not me. And as far as an actual film goes, while this is a welcome step in the right direction, (and a step away from shelving the thing, at least for now), it's still a long way from production. Which is why I don't talk about it unless they go and do crazy things like announce they've hired a director. File this under, "I'll believe it when I see it" (and maybe not even then). Anyway, the announcement sold some books and was free PR for the series, which is always nice. Now we just need to make more comics.

Oh, right. Speaking of Beasts of Burden comics, the upcoming mini-series is unfortunately coming along very, very slowly. To the point where it might not make it onto DHC's schedule this year. Meaning you might see a Beasts of Burden movie before we see the next collection if the folks responsible for writing and illustrating the book don't shape up, ha ha ha. Hey, that's not funny at all. No, not at all. Fingers crossed things will pick up. Actually, they have picked up, but there's miles to go and all that crap. On the plus side, I think these will be good, strong comics when they do arrive, and I really, really hope that isn't going to be too long from now.

Between now and then: the third Asbury Comic Con is March 30th. This time it will be held at the convention center, and not at the Asbury Lanes venue. Bigger, better, etc (one hopes). We will be there, as will the great Al Jaffee, among others. Here's the website with information on guests, tickets, panels, etc. They still use the shitty picture of me from Wikipedia on the site. I hate that picture like poison, largely because I am uncomfortable having my picture taken in the best of circumstances, especially when I look the way I looked the day that shitty picture was taken (which is how I usually look, ha ha ha). Hooray for the internet and rude fan-photographers at bad conventions (not Asbury, it was taken at a Big Apple show I also hated like poison). Hooray for us all.

Speaking of conventions, I don't know if we're doing any other events this year. We're probably doing Heroes Con again. We really like that show, and we see a lot of friends there, so hopefully we will get that set up. Beyond that...sheesh...well, I'll likely be at NYCC if DHC wants me to do a signing (for the books that won't be out until...oh, hell...). Otherwise, we have no plans to do any conventions, in this convention-crazy modern wacky world. The more conventions they make, the less we attend, it seems. Huh.

I would have loved to go to TCAF, that show's terrific. Couldn't swing it. I blame society, as always. You folks should go, if you can.

(Plug the comics, my agent -- who doesn't exist -- is telling me).

We have a two-page comic in Simpsons Comics #200, out next month. We also did an illustration for the issue of Mad that's on the stands right now.

Guess that's the gist of it, or at least all the stuff I can mention. Or allude to.

Thanks to anyone and everyone out there who bid on our last round of e-bay auctions. We might do some more soon. I guess that's kind of our home-version of a comic convention these days. Huh.