April 4th, 2013


Pro At Cons

I'll be at the MoCCA Fest this Saturday, April 6th, signing at the CBLDF table from 12 to 2 pm. Copies of the Beasts of Burden and Milk and Cheese hardcover collections will be available, all sales benefit the Defense Fund. I'll be happy to sign anything anyone might want to bring, of course. Except for copies of mad Dog, I mean, I'll gladly sign them but hate my life while looking at them.

More information on the CBLDF signings at the show can be found here. Information on this year's MoCCA Fest can be found here. I haven't been to a MoCCA show in a while, I'm hoping the new caretakers put on a good show and everyone has a blast. Maybe I'll see some of you there. Unless you're avoiding me.

You will also be able to avoid me at this year's Heroes Con, because Sarah and I are confirmed for a return visit to that very swell comic book event. Looking forward to seeing friends and fans. And I hope that guy's back with the Pokemon candy toy finger puppets, he wasn't set up last year and Emily missed getting a few. Okay, okay, I was devastated, too.

Heroes Con website is here, ever-growing guest list is here.

Before I forget -- Asbury Con was a hoot, we had a great time and even did well at the table. Big thanks to Cliff Galbraith and his partners in crime, he threw a nice event and the attendance exceeded everyone's expectations. He even made banners for the special guests and let us take them home. Cripes! Friends met us there and other friends attended and we went to the Silver Ball pinball museum and arcade the following day and proceeded to tear some tendons on the over 200 machines. Emily is now a Medieval Madness fan (Theater of Magic's still her favorite) and I rediscovered Cyclone, and played The Shadow, among others, and kind of liked it (a lot better than the movie, phewww). Still can't beat Scared Stiff, despite a lot of tries. And the vintage Canada Dry pin broke again while I was playing it. I will drop all of those targets one day, I swear. Can't wait to go back there, it's a great place. They just need a Safecracker and a Creature From the Black Lagoon and I'd be in ultimate pinball-heaven.

In other news:

The House of Fun one-shot was nominated for a divisional award by the National Cartoonist's Society. Congrats to our pal, the awesome Amanda Conner, also nominated -- although I'm betting we both lose to the legendary Bernie Wrightson (!). This really is a case of just being happy to be nominated. No, really. Sure, it would be a blast to win, but the nod itself is so unexpected because I always thought only NCS members could be nominated. And the NCS has always been a bit of a mystery to me, all the big newspaper cartooning greats of yore in tuxes at the functions, lighting cigars with money, ordering waiters to be executed. Big-time stuff, y'know? Anyway, I had a funny conversation with Tom Richmond when he called with the news, trying to explain to him that my nomination was a mistake because I wasn't a member. I'm really an alpha idiot.

We finished up our tour of duty working on some animation stuff, hopefully we can announce what that was all about before too long. Something we worked on is going into production, some things we worked on are development-type things. Who knows?

Finally, the news is going around that the great Carmine Infantino has passed away. R.I.P. to one of the funnybook heavy hitters who made a lot of people happy for a long time with his wonderful art, design and creativity. One of the one-of-a-kinds in the mainstream comics world, a Silver-Age architect, and even though the term gets tossed around too easily, a comics legend for sure.