May 3rd, 2013


Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day

Once again I will be appearing at Comic Book Jones during their Free Comic Book Day event.

I won't have any new stuff out, and I don't have anything in any of the free comic offerings, but I'll be doing free sketches for anyone who asks. And I'll be more than happy to sign copies of the old stuff and answer any questions about why I don't have any new stuff out.

I should be there at 11 am or so, and I usually stay until around 6 p.m or so, usually with a stop at the White Castle that's about a hundred feet away. Should be fun. The signing, that is, not what happens after I dine at Le Chateau De Blanc.

(Please Note: phony bad french = always funny)

See you there, unless you're not there. And have a nice Free Comic Book Day wherever it is you and yours scarf up the free funnybooks.

Our poor sad industry begs of you...