June 3rd, 2013


Gearing Up For Heroes Con

Like the subject line says, we're getting ready for Heroes Con, which is this weekend. My, how time flies. We're bringing the usual stuff, art, books, HOF crafty things, ourselves.

We'll have fifteen copies each of the Beasts of Burden and Milk and Cheese collections, as well as copies of the House of Fun and Beasts of Burden: Neighborhood Watch one-shot comics. Of course, folks can and should bring their own copies if they want to get them signed.

I'm bringing a batch of new pin-ups to try and sell, some of which you can see on my Flickr page (a few of them are below). Whatever doesn't sell will likely be put up for auction on eBay after the show. We'll have a batch of HOF crafts, necklaces and earrings Sarah has made with artwork featuring Milk & Cheese, Crappy Cat and the Broken Robot, among other odds and ends. And Emily will once again be offering her homemade hair clips, with part of the proceeds going towards her video game fund.

I'll be doing commissions at the show, as many as I can fit into my schedule, which usually isn't as many as I'd like. Free quick sketches are available for the asking, as always. Feel free to stop by the table to get something signed or sketched, to chat, to ask about this or that.

Here's my panel schedule for the con:

Friday, 5:30 - room 207CD -
Jim Rugg, Jasen Lex and Ed Piskor present: Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Peter Bagge and Evan Dorkin

Sunday, 1:00 - room 209/210
Not Just Another Humor Panel: Peter Bagge, Kevin Maguire, Frank Cho, Tim Rickard, Evan Dorkin. Moderated by Christopher Irving.

Heroes has always been a fun show for us, we're looking forward to another nice time. Hope to see some of you there.

Hulk Smashed

Super Skrull color

A Toast to Your Death