July 27th, 2013


Signed and Personalized HOF Books By Mail

So, here's the deal -- my local comic shop, Comic Book Jones, has started up an online mail order site, Comic Book Jones Trans-Global. Some of my books are available through the site, including the Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites and Milk & Cheese hardcover collections. Since I'm in the shop every one or two weeks, I figured I'd offer to sign copies of any of my books ordered through the CBJ site. People have asked me about selling signed copies  -- something I'm usually unable to do -- and I don't do many conventions, so here's a way to get a personalized copy of something I worked on if you or someone you know is interested in such a thing.

Basically anything they sell that I had a hand in I'd be happy to sign. That means shipping will take some extra time, of course, but the trade-off is a personalized book and a little sketch, just the way I sign stuff at shows. The HOF-related items they are currently listing are here.

Questions about getting a book signed can be sent to the Jones Clan at ComicBookJones@gmail.com -- drop them a line and they'll hook you up. When I'm in the shop getting comics I'll sit down and scribble in your  book for you. No additional charge for signatures/sketches, btw.

This offer lasts as long as it lasts.  Act now, act later, see what happens.

M&C personalized