August 5th, 2013


Batman vs Clayface Commission Pencils

Batman Clayface pencils

Commissions always take me longer than I expect them to, this one is the unfortunate winner of my "longest a paid customer's had to wait" award. It ran so late I started adding more business and characters to make up for the wait, which, of course, extended the wait. Originally this was an animated-style Batman versus Clayface, now it's, well, you can see what it is. I enjoyed working on it, even though I found the animated style harder to work on than expected -- Clayface was especially fun, as was Killer Croc, the only character I got down on paper without a fight. I didn't nail the animated style as well as hoped, the figures are stiffer than I was going for in my mind, but I like the piece. I went overboard on tightening the pencils because I'm afraid to ink loose pencils, especially in a style I'm not familiar with -- but I also got into tightening the pencils for its own sake and the OCD kicked in and the worry and then, etc etc. Inking this will be interesting, since it's inked in pencil in so many places. 10" by 14" on Bristol, fyi.