September 1st, 2013


Fundraisers, Auctions and Drawings

We've got another batch of eBay art auctions up, which you can find here. Sketch cards, pin-ups, a Fun Page from way back in the days of Dork #4, and a couple of recent Mad Magazine illustrations.

There's a pair of Kickstarter projects that I'm slightly involved in that may be of some interest to some of you out there. My Beasts of Burden partner Jill Thompson is trying to meet her goal for a Scary Godmother collector's doll, if that's funded I'll be doing a pin-up for her $5 issue #0 comic incentive.

The other Kickstarter project is for the Cartozia Tales comic series, an all-ages fantasy anthology featuring a round-robin of regular creators exploring a shared world along with a bunch of guest stars and cover artists (including Dylan Horrocks, Eleanor Davis, James Kochalka, Jon Lewis and others). Emily and I enjoyed the first issue, the second is being printed as I type, if they reach their goal and are able to produce all ten issues of the series I'll be doing a guest cover for them.

I've started a Flickr set for posting my animation-related artwork to, and I kicked it off with a small batch of Metal Men sketches and designs done for the DC Nation shorts. You can find them here.

Hope you're having a fine Labor Day Weekend, and you can actually take the day off.

Ha Ha