December 13th, 2013


This Weekend - Comic Book Jones 6th Anniversary Event

Hey, folks, I should've posted this earlier but these things happen, especially when you're sick and not sure if you'll be able to make it (I'm on antibiotics now and am doing better so I won't be contagious). Anyway, I'll be signing at Comic Book Jones this Sunday, December 15th here on Staten Island, in celebration of six years of selling the funnybooks. I plan to get their by 12 or so, and will be doing freebie sketches for kids and adults and everything in-between, as well as hawking the same two friggin' books I've been pushing for the last few years a these things (actual new books are coming in 2014, I swear).

Other creators appearing will be Jacob Chabot, Chris Giarrusso and Frank Tieri. A good card for kid's drawings, so bring the imps, you wimps. On Saturday Fred Van Lente, Ryan Dunlavey and Charles Soule are appearing. Every goddamned thing in the joint is 25% off the entire weekend. Make the trip, you drip!

BTW, CBJ's anniversary posters were drawn by the talented Talent Jones, aka Lauren Monardo.