February 11th, 2014


Interesting Times

So, yeah, I was finally closing in on the finish line for Eltingville #1 last week when I fell down a short flight of steps and there went that. I was already lagging behind but thought I could panic-wrangle the last batch of inks fairly quickly and close enough to avoid Horrible Publishing Consequences. So, yeah, bad timing, if you have to actually injure yourself at any time of the year.

This might be the shortest stack I ever tumbled down but the damage roll I sustained was the worst ever after my tumble down the outside cement steps where I got this lovely reminder of my Fred Astaire-like nimbleness. I'm green and purple right now in a lot of places, just like your average Silver Age Marvel Comics villain. I was holding a long winter coat in both hands when I slipped, so I couldn't get my arms out to brace the fall and landed on my right side, and my drawing hand got caught under my body, and the last two fingers got banged up pretty nicely, ow ow ow, with the ring finger swelling up and scaring us quite a bit. I wasn't able to work the night it happened and was a mess the following day and am still having trouble holding pens and pencils, but it's slowly getting better and should be okay soon so I can get back to making regular old mistakes rather than these new and exciting stiff little finger foul-ups.

I have a sad history of falling down stairs, we have five flights of stairs in and around the house, I've tumbled down them all now with this latest jaunt. And I've fallen down other steps, I don't just keep it in the family. I blame myself, in all instances. I have problems or something.

Anyway, 2014's been pretty lousy so far. I've only left the house four times this year so far other than going outside to shovel snow. Which is a pain, literally, with an injured mitt. Went to my therapist and ran errands when I was out, big goddamn super-excitement all-around. Haven't seen a movie in two months. Haven't been able to play games or spend quality time with the family. All work and no play makes jerk a dull cartoonist and an unhappy boy and an occasional blogger.

Hopefully I'll finish up this issue this week so I can start the second issue and go through this all over again for a few more months. This time without the human bobsled routine, fingers crossed.

Ouch. Stupid fingers.