March 6th, 2014


Comic Book Resources Interview - Beasts of Burden/Eltingville

You can read it here. I had fun doing it and appreciate Steve Sunu taking the time and having the interest in speaking with me. I took some of his questions very seriously and others I didn't take very seriously at all, and most of you have probably heard me say these kinds of things before, but they asked about the Beasts of Burden movie and there are some Hunters and Gatherers preview pages to look at, so, hey, children, y'know, it's just a click away. If you skip it there's another one coming up any day now for Newsarama, although both interviewers touched on different things so you might want to check 'em both out because these are clearly the end times. Ha ha, I kid.

One thing I wanted to touch on was that in the interview I mention both Dan Slott and Anita Sarkeesian receiving threats from fabs because of their work, and there's a hyperlink to a piece about Slott but no link about the situation Sarkeesian faced. I realize the Slott link is to a related CBR article, also written by Sunu, and it makes sense linking to it as a matter of course. But, I have to say if it was up to me I'd have also put in a link to something about what happened -- and continues to happen -- to Anita Sarkeesian.  I think her situation was worth highlighting in the same way Slott's was, and if CBR articles can link to non-CBR sites like Act-I-Vate or Facebook or Twitter, I figure they could have easily enough sent eyes here, or here, or just here.

Just saying.

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