March 14th, 2014


Murder Your Ears, Burn Your Brain: Comic Book Jones Podcast Ep #70

After the Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers signing at Comic Book Jones this past Wednesday, I sat down with the cast and crew for their weekly podcast recording, which has just been posted. This podcast is not safe for work, maybe not safe for rational-minded human beings, no one was on their best behavior as far as I can recall, and it's a long one. Just so you know.

Listen -- if you dare -- to WCBJ episode 70, "We Don't Have Room For Gamera"

P.S. My thanks to all the Jones Clan members, the HOF Faithful and the just-plain-curious who came to the signing on Wednesday. The store was already humming because it was Wednesday but I signed a few dozen books and did some drawings and had a great time talking with folks -- especially Anthony (aka "Marvel" Jones), one of the sweetest kids and comic fans I have ever met. I drew a zombie Daredevil for him and he promised to draw me a zombie Power Man, which I will hold him to. What a great kid.

P.P.S. The signing went really, really well, we went over six hours before rolling into recording the over two-hour podcast. If all goes well I'll be back at Comic Book Jones to sign copies of The Eltingville Club #1 next month, on April 23rd. More on that asap, hopefully.