July 15th, 2014


Stuff For Sale: Let The Culling Begin

We have too much stuff, some of it has to go, and some of it is going on eBay. We used to collect pretty heavily back in the day, and even after we curtailed the habit, comps, trades, freebies and gifts continued (and continue) to come in. For which I'm grateful, because I love my stuff. I really do. But we have way too much of it, and it's been a tough year, so, it makes sense to try to wound two birds with one stone. Or something. You get what I mean.

First round of Stuff Auctions are here. Some comic book things, a few collectibles, oddball items like a Space Ghost PR kit.

Even if you're not in the market for anything, we do nice listings that may be of interest. Sarah takes good, clear photos and handles the auctions in a very professional manner. Sometimes I write stupid listings (like the SGCTC auction). It can lead to fun.

FYI, we'll be putting up some more HOF art soon, but, since my art has a very limited audience (my thanks to our repeat customers, you know who you are) I can't go to that well too often. I don't have a big following, and I don't have Batman or Deadpool pages to sell. Stuff has a larger appeal. So, "Stuff ahoy!", to quote a lazy purple and orange stuffed bear from a video game franchise.

Later, pond skaters.