August 7th, 2014


Onwards Toward Our Ignoble Deaths

So, the large scanner we bought to replace the old one that broke...broke. We gambled on a cheaper device and it might bite us in the ass, because apparently customer service sucks with this company. We'll see how that goes. This is a kick in the fun bits, because we really need a large scanner to scan and finish my pages, and we're not going to be able to buy what we need for quite some time if we can't get the replacement replaced. Whee.

This also comes at a time when work is already ruling/ruining our lives. Not comics' fault. I blame myself for most of this predicament, most of the lateness is on me. Sure, the hand injury sucks (some days when I'm lettering it looks like my hand's got Dick Smith (RIP) Scanners-era air bladders twitching through it) but I still should've been more on top of the book when I took that tumble down the stairs. I screwed up, didn't have Eltingville #2 worked out well enough to schedule it, tried, hoped for the best, got burned out after putting a lot into #1, hitched, freaked out a little, blew it. Pro tip: Be realistic about how much you can do and how long it will take and get it done. Sounds simple, right? Well, I'm even simpler, I guess.

Anyway, self-abasement aside, fate hasn't helped matters, we could really use less things breaking or falling apart or sucking. We've had almost no income while Eltingville stretches out our schedule like William Regal teaching a newbie a lesson. There's no Beasts of Burden work while I sit on my hands waiting to be able to write that again (and who knows, the way that's going). I've had to turn down work so as not to push Eltingville back farther, and my choice to go the clutter route on these last two issues really blew up in my face. As did my decision to not accept variant cover gigs, ha ha. I know, I know, stupid me, where was my business plan? In the library with Colonel Mustard, with the lead pipe. I'm hoping he uses the rope, personally.

So, anyway, we have more art up on eBay to help keep us trundling onward through Our Eltingville Summer, towards completion and some freelancer work that will help us get back on our feet (or at least up on one knee). The latest batch for your consideration includes a M&C pin-up, some sketch cards I thought came out really well (one's a really cute (imo) Gray Gargoyle card I don't have a good-sized scan of at the moment) and some way old pages we found in an envelope we didn't remember we had in the basement. There's a sad story behind those pages, but I won't get into it here. Let's just say, I wish we never had to be given those pages back.

The auctions are here. Please feel free to browse, whether you're up for bidding or not.

Next up, we'll likely be opening up some boxes and selling off some old SLG/HOF shirts along with some non-HOF collectibles and things. Yeah, it's a bit of a bummer but at least we have the opportunity to turn some stuff into money. Not everyone does. It's like magic! Smiles, everyone, smiles!



Mole Man card