October 10th, 2014


NYCC Schedule

Neglected to mention I'll be doing a panel and a signing this Saturday at the New York Comic Con.

The panel I'm on is "Celebrating 15 Years of The Goon: Modern Humor, Horror and More"-  12:15-1:00 in room 1A05. I really can't say I know what this panel is going to be like -- first of all, it's billed as a tribute to Eric Powell, but Eric won't be at the show and...there's the tagline about humor and horror and oh, I don't know. Others on the panel (also scratching their heads. I bet) will be Alex deCampi, Paul Tobin and Tim Seeley.

We'll probably end up talking about how weird the panel is and then talk about The Goon and Eric for a while and then plug our own less-popular stuff and then talk about horror movies. It'll probably get really interesting just at the 45 minute mark like many panels, except NYCC now schedules B and C-level panels for 45 minutes, so by then it'll be clear-the-room time.

Later that day I'll be signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (#1636) at 4:00 - 4:50. I was told they'll have copies of the same two books I always sign (if I'm lucky) and Eltingville Club #1. They're supposed to also have Eltingville signing cards.

The full Dark Horse Comics event schedule is here.

Hope to see some of you there.