December 3rd, 2014


More Art Auctions? Really?

Yeah, yeah, more art auctions. What can I say, 2014 has been a year of putting band-aids on our financial wounds while Eltingville bleeds us dry. It's almost over (Eltingville, that is), but meantime it's still desperation-ho!

At this point I've probably tapped out the audience for my creator-owned stuff (save for one of our regulars, oh, bless you, you-know-who-you-are-if-you're-reading-this), so I've put up a batch of work-for-hire-type stuff in the hopes of reaching potential new buyers. Meaning, people who like Batman and Superman and Bill and Ted more than Milk and Cheese and Dork, et al. Meaning, most everyone in comics.

So, we'll give this a whack. You can see the latest round of auctions here.

Up on the block is my last (and my favorite) page from the Superman/Batman story from Bizarro Comics (scripted by Ivan Brunetti). Also, two of our remaining Bill and Ted pages, and some sketch cards (starting at $10) I finally finished, and a relist of something that didn't sell last time and a weird M&C thing. Maybe these would make great holiday presents. I dunno. Maybe they wouldn't. Take a look even if you're not looking to buy, you haven't seen some of these drawings and checking them out will eat up precious moments from your work day, which is always a good thing, right? Right.

Speaking of Bill and Ted, some of you may have heard that BOOM! has announced a new comic series based on the characters. For the record, since folks have been asking: I was asked to write the series, and I was definitely interested, but ultimately it came down to the money involved, which wasn't , uh, totally excellent.  BOOM! was cool about some things I asked for regarding how I wanted to handle the stories, but the budget was the budget and that was that. I wasn't insulted and they were totally cool, but I feel I can drum up some writing work once Eltingville's done and it'll either be closer in pay to what I'm used to getting or it'll be creator-owned, in which case I know what to expect. I'd work my ass off to make a Bill and Ted comic that was as solid as the old series, and time = money, and there's a Bill and Ted time travel joke to be made there, but if I'm not getting paid then I ain't writing it.

So, yeah, I normally don't talk about that stuff in that kind of detail but I don't want anyone getting any wrong ideas, that's all there is to it. They did ask, I did want to, there's no animosity and no one should garbage talk them for supposedly shoving me aside when that's not what happened. It was just business. The bummer -- as is often the case when a project doesn't come together --  is that I worked out a storyline that I was really happy with. It would've continued my old run using the entire supporting cast from the movies and the comic (along with some new characters, including one I was really into) and would have had a big ending where Bill and Ted become...


Like, I'm not telling you that. Not for free. No way!

Later, dudes. Be excellent to each other.