April 14th, 2015


This, That and Who Knows What

Hey, folks out there in comic book land.

I've been meaning to drop in here to post an update about things but obviously that didn't happen, until now. Obviously. I actually wrote a long and earnest follow-up to my previous post, but it's sitting, unfinished, and I don't think I ever will go back to it and post it. Too long, and too earnest, I think, and also probably way past it's sell-by date. But it was good to get it all out in some form, clarify some thoughts, that sort of thing.

So, yeah, we've been busy. which is good, because for the most part it's been a good kind of busy. Well, for me, at least, Sarah's had to deal with the misery that is working on the Eltingville Club #2 pages so they can go to Dark Horse. This was a massive mess for her to tackle, I felt awful about handing it over to her with so many things needing corrections and cleaning. I won't even get into all the stuff she had to do, some pages were Frankenstein patchworks, scanned, assembled and stitched together. It was a lot of work and I am extremely grateful to her for her time, effort, input and patience (xoxo). And for not killing me (XOXO). Whew.

Speaking of that goddamned comic, Sarah sent the files out today, so, we're finally done with the hands-on work on the last Eltingville Club story. Jeez, what a mess this has been. We have some fairly simple things to do for the collection, but by and large we're done working on Eltingville comics. Thank goodness.

I've been busy with non-Eltingville stuff since I last typed here, most of which I can't say much about. I'm doing a couple of writing gigs while working on a batch of late commissions I still owe folks. Sarah and I are almost done with a comic project pitch, something I wouldn't be drawing if it happened. I sent some gags to MAD, but they didn't go for any of them. There's some other things going on, but they're all still in the discussion stage, some comic book stuff, some non-comic book stuff. Who knows.

Also, we're confirmed for Heroes Con, if I haven't mentioned it here. I'm also supposed to actually get off Staten Island a couple of times this month if all goes well, I'm doing a talk for an SVA class this week and then later in the month I'm getting together with some old comic book cohorts. I'm looking forward to it, I don't socialize much these days, haven't in a while, really.

I don't even know how much subway fare is now. Yeesh.