August 10th, 2015


This is the End of The Eltingville Club. Finally.

Twenty-one years in the making, and after more than a year's delay, the final Eltingville Club story will be in stores this Wednesday.

Hope those of you who pick the book up enjoy the final curtain. I don't know how well it stacks up against other Eltingville stories,or if it works successfully as a finale, but it's done, it's dense, and I'd say it's worth a few bucks to folks who like my stuff.

The hardcover collection is scheduled for February, 2016 from Dark Horse. Only until I get a copy in my hands will I believe the beast is finally dead.

Otherwise -

We had a nice time at the Boston Comic Con. It was our first time setting up in Bosotn and we were very busy signing comics, local-area ska comps we did covers for and even a few Space Ghost Coast to Coast DVDs. We did pretty well at the table and met a lot of nice folks during the show. The panel Sarah and I were on seemed to go well, I don't think I was as overbearing as I usually am, at least I tried not to be. I picked up the last DC Archive we needed for our collection for $20 (Doom Patrol vol 4). That was really cool. I also got a Cthulhu glow-in-the-dark Pop for a decent price, because I am a goofus. I think that was about it for me, other than some comics people gave me. Emily got some anime keychains and a Dalek Funco Pop. Oh, and a Hordak Pop that I was supposed to get her ages ago (I got her the wrong one). She also got two new sketches in her blank Little Golden book collection, one from Mouse Guard's David Peterson (a quail) and another from Tony Moore (skeleton and Cthulhu -- he went nuts on it). On Sunday night we went with Tony and Kara Moore to a really good diner for dinner and then I got us lost while driving home. It was pretty ridiculous.

Otherwise, pt 2 -

We're super busy with multiple projects and pitches for the first time in a long time. I'm finishing up some work-for-hire stuff -- the Peanuts script has been drawn by artist Derek Charm for the BOOM! tribute book, I wrote a 12-pg  script for a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy story for the Spongebob Comic, and a little while ago I finished up some business for a comic project that should be announced next month or so. I still have to finish some thumbnails for the Mermaid Man story (I'm not drawing it, just doing basic layouts for the artist), and I have a little bit of work left to do for a page of Fun Strips for this year's Liberty Annual which is being edited by Alex Cox of the CBLDF.

Sarah and I wrapped up a beat outline for a cartoon script we've been hired to write. Fingers crossed they'll like it.

We've also found artists for two projects we're putting together. One I'm writing alone and the other is a collaboration with Sarah based on a concept she came up with. That one looks like it might fall into place really soon, possibly even this week. Here's to hoping. The one I'm doing still needs some work, but not a ton -- I was asked by a publisher to revise the pitch I sent them, and now that an illustrator is involved we can get some character and pitch art into it. Lots of fingers crossed, I really hope we can all get both projects going. It would be steady work for the first time in ages, not too mention these are two projects we're really having fun with and would like to see happen. Putting them together has been a weird experience, I've barely ever pitched things before, and never with another artist. It's weird. Like I said. Yeah.

There's another non-comics thing that might happen down the line, and, oh, yeah, the other recent WTF news is that according to Amazon, DC Comics is reprinting WORLD'S FUNNEST in some sort of trade form. I didn't think it was the same book, but the cover art for the listing has the imps on a pile of bodies. Unless it's an elaborate prank. So weird.

So, yeah, super busy, and some of it's finally starting to turn into checks, which we really need, and maybe some others will, too, because we kind of could use that as well. Things are getting interesting. The only thing worrying me at the moment is my stupid drawing hand, which is also my main typing hand (the one that pecks) and it's been killing me. Eltingville really gave it a beating. Work on outstanding commissions goes slowly, but I am putting time in to finish those up. I'm thinking about not taking any commissions until my hand completely feels better. I've only drawn one professional piece since Eltingville, not counting the Fun Page, part of which was drawn months ago. My hand's in constant pain and I have a lot of trouble sleeping because of it. I am planning on going to the doctor to see if there's anything to be done other than rest it, but at the moment we're trying hard to stay on top of work and everything. I am taking breaks and doing what I can to rest it. We'll see how it goes.

In case I don't make it back here for a few weeks, just fyi in September we're going tobe at the Cincy Comicon.  I'll try to post details before then and now.

Time to eat --