August 18th, 2015


Interesting Times

Eltingville Club #2 is out, and some folks are reviewing it, some are sending me nice tweets and mail about it, some are scanning it and making it available illegally online, and a few are calling me names over the comic and the Paste interview I did. Such is life. If you read it, I hope you liked it. The Dark Horse hardcover collection of the entire run is set for February, 2016. All our work is pretty much done for it (new pin-ups, text material, selecting extras).

I will be doing a signing at my local shop, Comic Book Jones, on Staten Island, Wed August 28th, from 5 p.m. until closing. Afterward, I'll be a guest on the CBJ podcast taping, which I beleive customers can also sit in on.

Sarah and I are working on a script for the new Ben 10 cartoon series (!).

We're also developing a creator-owned comics project that seems to be coming together nicely. If all goes well, we'll have an agreement with an artist this week, and following that, an agreement with the publisher. Fingers crossed and all that.

I'm working on a separate creator-owned project with another artist. We have some interest at an established publisher and are working on a revised pitch while finishing up some WFH assignments. Really hoping this comes together.

We finished up some work for a collection of old work that will be announced soon (?).

I finished up a Mermaid Man script for the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS comic, working on thumbnails for the artist.

Apparently DC Comics will be releasing a new version of WORLD'S FUNNEST in March 2016 (!).

In other WTF news, Marvel will be releasing an expensive Omnibus edition of Deadpool comics which will include my AGENT X arc and the FIGHT-MAN ONE SHOT (!!). I know freelancers working for Marvel who can't get comps of their own comics these days -- and Marvel supposedly likes those folks -- so the early odds on my getting a comp of this $125 monster are coming in at 1,459,311-to-1.

Almost done with a page of new Fun Strips for this year's LIBERTY ANNUAL comic benefiting the CBLDF.

Still working on the commission list. My hand is giving me a lot of trouble so drawing takes me longer than usual right now. Very frustrating.

We will be appearing at the Cincy Comicon September 12th-13th.

Hoping we might have some good news fairly soon about new BEASTS OF BURDEN material. Supposedly Jill Thompson is planning to get back to work on the remaining issues of the mini-series that HUNTERS AND GATHERERS kicked off back in March, 2014. Here's to hoping. We're trying to work out some other things, as well, that may help get new material out. Not holding my breath, but trying to stay positive.

More to follow soon, if things work out as hoped. Interesting times.