November 23rd, 2015


Things We Can Say

So, the cat's out of the bag in rgeards to the "new digital platform" we've been mentioning as of late, and so we can discuss it. To a degree.

The app is called Stela, and it is going to be publishing digital-only original comics content, and you can read more about it here (and here, here, and here), follow them on Twitter here, and expect an announcement in January about the creator-owned series that Sarah and I are writing for them. We're pretty excited about this opportunity as we haven't done steady, serialized writing in a long time, and getting paid decently for it certainly helps sweeten the deal. We can't talk about the title or contents of our series yet, but soon, soon, we'll be bothering you with details on it, the artist, and how much we'd love you folks to support the app and the comic if you're willing and able.

Otherwise, there's been a solicitation for the DC Comics reprinting of WORLD'S FUNNEST, the superhero humor comic I wrote in 2000 which was illustrated by a murderer's row of cartoonists, including Dave Gibbons, David Mazzucchelli, Jaime Hernandez, Jim Woodring, Stuart Immonen, Shelly Moldoff, Ty Templeton, Stephen DeStefano, Bruce Timm, Glen Murikami, Jay Stevens, Frank Miller, Alex Ross and brian Bolland (providing the cover art). WORLD'S FUNNEST will anchor a collection of Bat-Mite-centric stories, including the ones Kevin O'Neill drew, and I belive the first story featuring the little imp.  It's coming out in March, in paperback, and it'll be nice to see a new generation of comics fans ignore a bunch of Bat-Mite comics all over again.