February 2nd, 2016


New BEASTS OF BURDEN being scheduled. Looking to assemble a letters page.

Hey, folks – the good news is that we're putting the next issue of BEASTS OF BURDEN together.

Jill's all done with the art for the story, which is called What The Cat Dragged In. It's an all-cat (and one raccoon) issue which answers the question about where Dymphna disappears to at night.

Dark Horse is mapping out the issue, and if all goes well we're looking at a Spring release. However, we have some blank pages to fill in the back of the comic, and we're trying to see if anyone has any questions or comments for us to print in a letters page for the issue. Even if we only fill a page, that's one less ad in the issue and a little something extra to read. Right now we only have one letter. Eep.

So, if anyone would like to toss us some questions or thoughts about the book or what have you, they can write to us and DHC at - beasts@darkhorse.com

Thanks! And either way, please be on the lookout for the new story.