October 21st, 2017


Calla Cthulhu: interview and review round-up

Yikes, as usual, it's been a while. Things have been happening, some good, a few bad, the bad actually not connected to our comics work.

CXC went really well, NYCC was a madhouse, but some nice things may come from it, and it was good seeing folks from Dark Horse. We even sold a couple of books at our signing. Wonders, and all that never ceasing stuff.

Wanted to share some press we've been getting since CALLA CTHULHU came out. No idea if it's selling, but we know some readers have responded to it very positively, and we got the book into a few libraries. Anyway:

Previews World interviewed Sarah and I at NYCC about the book, the video can be seen here. We were also interviewed for the Funny Book SPlatter podcast at NYCC, which you can listen to here

The School Library Journal gave us a very nice review,

The Barnes and Noble Teen Blog gave Calla a nice plug as part of a roundup of YA horror books.

The Comic Crusaders blog gave us a very enthusiastic review, and here's an older write-up as part of an article from the SYFYWire.

I think we have another interview or two in the pipeline for the book, so, maybe I'll remmeber to post that here by 2019.

You can buy Calla Cthulhu at comic shops that stock it or special order things, or you can get it here, if you get the urge.