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More Info On NYC Signings

Here's an update on the signings/release parties Jill Thompson and I will be doing to promote Beasts of Burden #1 (which ships Sept 16th).

On Sept 16th, Jill and I will be appearing at Comic Book Jones in Staten Island. We'll be signing, doodling, shmoozing, maybe boozing, whatever. The event take place from 6-9 pm, although we may show up earlier and stay later, who knows.

Comic Book Jones
2220 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY 
(718) 448-1234

On Sept 19th, the following Saturday, Jill and I will be appearing at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn at 6-9 pm. We'll be signing, doodling, shmoozing, probably doing a little boozing, we'll see. The event starts at 6pm and also runs until 9, but again, we may be there early and I doubt it will end on the dot. This is my first signing in Brooklyn, the place where I was all born-like.

Bergen Street Comics
470 Bergen St .
Brooklyn, NY 
(718) 230-5600

I am also supposed to be doing an appearance at a shop in MA the week before Beasts ships, I'm still waiting on final details for that.

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