Evan Dorkin (evandorkin) wrote,
Evan Dorkin

Signing/Appearance At Modern Myths in Northhampton, MA

I'll be appearing at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA on September 11th and 12th.

September 11th is their 7th anniversary party, which is scheduled to run from 6pm to 9pm. The following day I'll be doing a plain old sit-down signing from 1pm - 3pm.  I'll be happy yo sign at either event, and I plan on doing free quick sketches, so feel free to bring a pad. If anyone's interested in original art, I might bring the portfolio with me, we'll see.

Here's the store info: 

Modern Myths
34 Bridge Street #4

In MA: 413-582-6973
USA: 888-227-8844

This will be taking place the week before Beasts of Burden #1 ships, I'll be bringing preview copies of some of the art from the first three issues to show off. I haven't been to Northampton in quite a while, I remember it being a nice town, and I'm looking forward to the signings.
Hope to see some of you folks there. 

Tags: appearances, modern myths, northampton

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